About Me

Well, hello there. I'm Jay. And if you are here - you need a Creative Director.

Why me?

As a technophile, I specialize in creative direction, interactive design/production, emerging technologies and organizational leadership. This gives me a 360-degree ability to collaborate ideas and technologies, and bring everyone together as one big happy family. Seriously!

Along the journey, I have been fortunate to lead projects that have developed me as a visual communicator, technical producer and a team builder - all while having the enthusiasm and excitement to focus on developing and implementing creative marketing campaigns and strategies. With seventeen years of industry experience working for many world-renowned clients, my mission, vision and values have grown to align with their needs:

delivering target-specific platforms that engage and inform the audience while motivating them to return.

This may sound like a mouth-full, but consider it my vision & mission.

Curious to learn more? Please feel free to click around and contact me - JAY@JAYGREWALL.COM. You may also try to reach me via pony express, smoke signals, and carrier pigeon.

And, yes - those are real testimonials from past students of mine.